The value of a good manufacturing partner becomes apparent well before the product reaches the production floor.

Managing the supply of components from simple passive parts through complex BGA’s and electromechanical assemblies requires a dedicated team of materials management and purchasing professionals that can provide the best supply chain purchasing value while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the supply chain. Avoiding counterfeit parts, dealing with obsolescence and ensuring parts will be in the factory to complete the scheduled production on time is how the experienced team at ABX Engineering supports our clients.

When evaluating a manufacturing resource, too often the focus is almost exclusively on the factory floor, technology, quality systems, etc., but does not look in depth at the procedures, MRP systems, experience and documented performance metrics of the manufacturers materials management and purchasing team which is critical to the supply chain and on time delivery.

ABX has the materials management depth and experience to ensure your project starts right, is built right and delivered on time.

The experience and history of ABX has given us a robust supply of vendors (external providers) both in the US and off-shore allowing ABX to fulfill customer demands through the most efficient use of resources, inventory, automation and labor. The ABX supply chain includes working with key suppliers to eliminate bottlenecks, sourcing strategically to strike a balance between lowest material cost logistics, implementing JIT (Just InTime) techniques to optimize manufacturing flow, maintaining the right mix and location of vendors to serve our customers production needs.

With over 20 people in the materials and product management team, including 7 full time buyers, ABX works with most of the major component distributors and a diverse group of specialty suppliers for metals, PCB’s, and parts needed to build our customers products.

ABX utilizes integrated custom ERP and Production Control Software in the order processing, materials management and production control programs. The materials program provides our customers with Engineering Support in BOM and Value Engineering including DFM, DFT, Valor and BOM Scrubbing (predictable component supply) Our strict Material Control Procedures, assure vendor/supply compliance (only parts from customer approved vendors, where required, are used for customers production) with complete traceability of the component supply chain.