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The experience and history of ABX has given us a robust supply of vendors both in the US and off-shore allowing ABX to fulfill customer demands through the most efficient use of resources, inventory, automation and labor. The ABX supply chain includes working with key suppliers to eliminate bottlenecks, sourcing strategically to strike a balance between lowest material cost logistics, implementing JIT (Just In Time) techniques to optimize manufacturing flow, maintaining the right mix and location of vendors to serve our customers production needs.

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ABX Burlingame, California, USA


With over 20 people in the materials and product management team, including 7 full time buyers ABX works with most of the major component distributors and a diverse group of specialty suppliers for metals, PCB's, and parts needed to build our customers products.


ABX utilizes integrated custom ERP and Production Control Software in the order processing, materials management and production control programs. The materials program provides our customers with Engineering Support in BOM and Value Engineering including DFM, DFT, Valor and BOM Scrubbing (predictable component supply) Our strict Material Control Procedures, assure vendor/supply compliance (only parts from customer approved vendors, where required, are used for customers production) with complete traceability of the component supply chain.


Production Capacity/Planning at ABX includes significant reserves for additional production shifts and OT capacity to support our customers expedited production requirements when needed.



ABX Asia


As your production volumes grow, ABX grows with you. ABX has strategic alliances with high volume component supply, tooling and manufacturing resources off shore.


What does that mean?


ABX will manage your production activity allowing you the option of going off shore if needed without the risks, learning curves and other problems associated with transitioning to an off shore factory on your own.


ABX's Burlingame factory's automation and production capabilities satisfy most of our customers production requirements, however some products require more touch labor or other production capabilities which an off shore alternative provides advantages.


By working with ABX our customers transition from development, domestic production and when the volumes can provide a justification for an off-shore alternative the transition is considerably easier than bringing up a new unknown off shore factory from scratch.


Our off shore manufacturing supply chain capabilities include:


• Custom tooling design

• Die cast tooling

• Metal work fabrication

• Plastic injection molding

• Painting and plating

• Piece part assembly

• Electronic assembly

• Cables


Our off shore factories are located in China and Malaysia.


Our off shore alliances provide a significant benefit to our US production program including a complete tooling design and manufacturing program, metal fabrication and other component supply options. Our customers rely on ABX to help them lower their development, tooling and production costs, utilizing our development/tooling options to design their products. Tooling capabilities include both soft and hard tooling for injection molding and other processes.




• Extrusion molds

• Thermoplastic injection molds

• Thermoset injection & injection/compression molds

• Thermoset compression & transfer molds

• Low-pressure injection structural foam molds

• Vacuum and thermoforming molds

• Electro-plating and custom painted and rubberized finishes




• High-pressure casting & trimming dies

• Low-pressure casting & trimming dies

• Forging dies & trim tooling

• Painting, anodizing and powder coat finishing options


Off shore production is not for everyone. It requires significantly more disciplined material planing and a realistic yearly volume to justify and realize the cost savings. When the time is right, the transition to an off-shore scenario with ABX can provide significant advantages.



Responsible Supply Chain Management


ABX Engineering, Inc. requires that its suppliers of electronic components and materials assume a reasonable course of action with their supply chains. To support our concern for human rights, ABX Engineering, Inc. has identified and surveyed our key suppliers of electronic components to ensure that the origins of raw materials used in items supplied are identified per the requirements specified in Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act, passed by Congress in 2010 (see the rules at:


See Statement on Conflict Minerals for further details.



Talk to ABX about your manufacturing requirements-and how our supply chain, global resources, process engineering and emphasis on quality/continuous improvement can benefit your production strategy from prototype through high volume off shore options.


The ABX supply chain provides our customers with the best supply, quality and most cost effective production programs from low volume high mix production though high volume ongoing monthly production runs.


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